Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anonymous Student Takes Action Against Gelman

It is well known by now that this blog has been repeatedly critical of Gelman Library's inadequacies. Whether it be their food policy, temperature, or lack of study space, GWBlogspot has gone to bat for studious students across our campus.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, April 1st - a day most know as "the day in 2001 when Same-sex marriage became legal in the Netherlands" - GWBlogspot was one-upped.

An anonymous student brought their complaint straight to the source by taking a dump on the floor of Club G. This from the "crime log:"
4/1/09 - Gelman Library - open case

A Gelman employee reported that someone defecated on the floor.

Obviously a symbolic statement, but what does it mean? Depending on where this act took place, said student could have been trying to hold his or her study room by marking it with human feces. Or, maybe the student was simply saying that Gelman is a crappy library.

Either way, what is clear is that the student wanted to remain anonymous - but not for his or her own sake. Much like the folks behind Abolish the SA, this anonymous activist wanted this movement to be about the student body as whole - and not about personal agendas and resumes.

To GW's masked defecator - thank you for your efforts to make Gelman a better place by relieving yourself on the floor. The students wait for your next strike, and your next call to action.

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