Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You're too old (to be on Twitter)

A while back Farhan wrote about Twitter, speculating that Twitter is being overrun by "middle aged people".

Reuters reporter Alexei Oreskovic has found that Twitter users are primarily over twenty-five, and not in the 18-24 demographic that typically dominates social media.

Furthermore, Seniors are keeping up with the 18-24 demographic. Oreskovic found that:
In the U.S, 10 percent of Twitter users were between 55 and 64, nearly the same amount of users as those between 18 and 24, which accounted for 10.6 percent of the total.

Are you on twitter or are you resisting the micro-blogging trend? Do you have a favorite twitter user? (My favorites include Senator Claire McCaskill and Love Line/Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew)

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Anonymous said...

Twitter is so stupid...seriously you don't have anything better to do? Leave it to GW kids to f**k around on twitter ...get a life! And enough Twitter posts let's write about something that is actually of interest to the GW student community

Neha said...

I think Twitter has a place in our conversations about GW. Campus media outlets (like Blogspot, the Hatchet, GWTV, etc), student organizations (@gwpb), and departments (@SMPAGWU,@elliottschoolgw) are jumping on the twitter bandwagon. Is it pointless? Or can these tweets make a difference?