Sunday, April 5, 2009

The New Club G

We all know that Gelman is in line to get some much needed improvements.

In the coming days, I'm half expecting to have a flyer shoved under my door for Thursdays @ Club G! The glossy card would surely inform me that the 5th floor study rooms will be open for pong and there will be $8 pitchers from 10:00 - 12:00.

Unfortunately, Gelman is unlikely to accommodate binge drinking, but instead turn the first floor into a Blitzeriffic info-center.

There have been quite a few mentions of Gelman's shortcomings on GWblogspot, so in an effort to compile them in a format which the literary elites that run the G-Spot will understand, I have written a series of haikus:

The sweat, it's dripping
Please let me open a window
I won't jump, promise!

Nowhere to study
Why is our library so small?
Just remove the books!

Gwireless sucks
During finals week it's slow
Increase the bandwith!

Ok, so the last one wasn't that great. The point is, our library is one of, if not the most complained about element of our campus.

And yet, they focus on expensive upgrades like flatscreen TVs that would most likely be showing Wolf Blitzer's silver beard all day.

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