Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Time: In a UPD Patrol Van

At approximately 5:40 AM last Friday morning, I finished up a class meeting in Duques and called 4-Ride so I could get a ride back to my building. The sun was close to rising, but I didn't feel comfortable walking back alone to my apartment, which is on the other side of Washington Circle. To my surprise, I reached a recording which said that 4-Ride was closed, and that I should call between the hours of 7 PM and 6 AM.

Interesting, since it definitely wasn't 6 AM yet. Exhausted and somewhat irritated, I called UPD to ask what was up. The conversation went something like this:
Me: "So, the recording said they should be open until 6, and there are a few of us who would like a ride home still."

Lady: "They close at 5:30."

Me: "Well the recording and the 4-Ride website say 6 AM."

Lady: "They have to do paperwork, so they closed at 5:30."
Now I haven't had an issue with 4-Ride this pass semester, during which they provided me with numerous, convenient, early-morning rides home. I just thought this entire scenario was pretty ridiculous. If they have to do paperwork, they can at least (1) keep someone available to still do pick-ups during the last half-hour shift; or (2) just officially close at 5:30 AM. If they choose the latter, they should say so on their recording and website.

UPDATE (7:34 PM): I forgot to mention what the title of this post suggests: we were eventually picked up by the UPD patrol van.


Farhan Daredia said...

wait, so did upd pick you up instead?

lucy ross said...

Yup, they did indeed.

Vishal A. said...

Hey! I saw your post and forwarded it off to Chief Stafford at UPD who ensured me that the "recording" says that 4-RIDE is open until 5:30am. In fact, I just called it myself and heard the recording say that. I apologize for the incident and the miscommunication that may have occurred through your night. -Vishal Aswani

lucy ross said...

Hi Vishal -- Thanks for forwarding this on. I'm not sure if they had an incorrect recording on, but my classmate also called that night, and will agree that it did, in fact, say 6:00 AM. The website does, as well.