Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Movement is Taking Off!

With 199 members, the facebook group PETITION: Change J Street's Hours is taking off! To be fair, though, I am a little upset we're only at 199, and aren't yet at 200. But we have a petition up, and we're working to change J Street as only students can.

This all started with a thought: Why doesn't the school provide even its meager, bad food for students on the weekend? One of my friends, a tour guide here at GW, had been giving a tour on a saturday, and couldn't explain to his group why J Street wasn't open on the weekends. And that got us thinking: Why isn't J Street open on weekends?!

We're college kids. We like to eat. We especially like to wake up late on Saturdays and Sundays and go eat something quick so we can get on with our days. Instead, we're being forced to go eat at expensive local restaurants. Why? Is the University cheap?

But now we have something to do. Go sign the petition. And join the facebook group. And tell your friends!

We need new ideas to move forward. If you have any ideas on how to shake things up, post them here in the comments or on the facebook group wall. Let's go fight for our right to eat!

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