Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help me Lee Huebner, you are my only hope!

For three years now, Lee Huebner has been an excellent steward of the School of Media and Public Affairs. He's been director for as long as I've been here, and I am immensely thankful for his leadership, and the fact that, so far, I have not had to live under a time where we just bounce back and forth between interim-directors year after year.

And that's why we need Professor Huebner to stay. We need his leadership and vision to make this school truly great. And you can help. Tell Professor Huebner we need him here directing SMPA.

The Hatchet, in its somewhat misguided editorial of today, said:
The problem is that SMPA is currently divided into two camps: former and current journalists teaching straight journalism and others who are more supportive of the school's political communications program. There is no way to optimize both of these facets at the same time.
Now, this is one of the most wrong statements in the Editorial, but I feel Lucy best got into this already. But it brings up a good point. The staff of the School of Media and Public affairs is very different, but their cohesiveness is important to BOTH majors. And here is where Professor Huebner has succeeded where few others have. He has managed to create a close-knit community, both between students and professors, to the betterment of all. Our journalism program cannot exist without the political communications program, and vice versa. Each serves an incredibly important role in the other, and Professor Huebner has ensured that each SMPA student receives a robust education in both majors.

Above all, though, Professor Huebner has raised the level of discourse in the school, and we cannot lose that because some think that a director with some name recognition nationally would do better. With his Director's Student Advisory Council, he has made sure to listen to the concerns of students, and we have already seen some of their suggestions put into action. The Faculty Fireside chats we now have serve to create a new level of openness between faculty and students, which is to the benefit to both students and faculty.

So, check out the facebook group and sign the petition. Tell Professor Huebner we need his leadership, vision, and dedication.

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