Monday, April 6, 2009

Local Blog Spotlight: Eat the District

For all of you foodies out there, a new blog on local restaurants has recently sprung up in the DC blogosphere.

Eat the District, started in February of this year, features articles written by young DC residents who have taken it upon themselves to make sure the rest of us know about all of the lesser-known or under-appreciated eateries in our fine city.

Posts range from profiles of local bars that have been around for ages, to the "Weekend under 100" running feature of activities and restaurants that an individual can do on a weekend for under $100. The dining establishments covered range from some of the finest restaurants in Washington to recommendations for where a reader can grab a quick lunch before class or during a break at work.

If you like good food at a wide range of prices, I highly recommend following the blog. It's still young but if the posters stay active, I predict that restaurants could soon be framing "Eat the District" reviews next to their Washingtonian and Zagat awards.

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