Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting a lecture on approved snacks in Gelman is really fun

Here's a helpful tip for all of you who cram at Gelman and habitually bring restricted food items there: don't try to sneak in a pizza box, or you'll soon be hearing numerous lectures on what constitutes an approved snack.

I recently made the mistake of ordering breadsticks from Cappucino to Gelman, in order to meet the $10 delivery minimum. This comes in a pizza box.

Realizing that a pizza box was not at all conspicuous, I rushed through the turnstiles with it anyway and made it to the elevator and to a coveted 5th floor study room. I thought I had made it home free, but I was wrong.

Soon, some weird guy sitting at the front desk found me and told me I had to go to Cafe G. Since I had actual homework to do, I stopped eating and put the box on the other side of the room.

A half hour later, the manager came up and gave me a lengthy speech and an insightful pamphlet as to what I am allowed to eat in Gelman.

The rules declare you cannot have a meal in Gelman:
Five signs that what you have is a meal.

1. It requires utensils
2. It came in a bowl, or on a plate
3. When you brought it, you were able to pick out your toppings
4. You have to worry about sauce getting on the table and your clothes.
5. Just not sure? Eat it in Cafe G!
Some fun facts about an order of breadsticks:
1. Does not require utensils.
2. Not served in a bowl, or on a plate.
3. Does not have toppings.
4. Does not have sauce on it.
5. Given it doesn't meet any of these criteria, I'm sure I don't want to eat it in Cafe G.
Also found in the pamphlet:
And please keep Gelman beautiful by cleaning up when you're done.
I'll clean up my garbage, but would that really keep Gelman beautiful?

Regardless, I won't make the same mistake twice. From now on, I will properly conceal the restricted foods I bring to Gelman.

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Anonymous said...

Just shut up and don't eat in the library instead of complaining about it. Those folks at the library work very hard to keep it clean and well stocked and some areas open 24 hrs a day, so stop complaining