Monday, March 2, 2009

Burrito del Rey Comes to J Street!


A bunch of us were invited to taste test the new restaurant's tacos and burritos last night, and I have to admit, the food was pretty delicious.

There will be a comment box on Burrito del Rey's counter all week for you to submit both positive and negative feedback. Tell us what you think of this new restaurant. Is it as good as Chipotle or Qdoba? What do you particularly like or dislike about the food served? Is the price reasonable?

Keep in mind, this venue will just be here for the semester, and there is still a large possibility that Qdoba will be in J Street in the fall! This new Mexican restaurant just proves that when we complain to the administration, there will be a response and that they do care about what we want!

You can also discuss Burrito del Rey on our Facebook wall and discussion board!

Also, there is poll to the left of this post asking whether or not you are satisfied with Burrito del Rey!


Calder Stembel said...

I just had a Burrito del Ray burrito for lunch. The quality is decent and it is slightly cheaper than Chipotle (about $6). However, you get what you pay for: the burrito is only about half as full as one from Chipotle, and it is only about half as tasty. I'm still hungry after eating it.

The venue does offer a wider menu than Chipotle, all at the same price. Next time I will try the Nachos Grande or the Nacho Bowl, although I doubt that they will be as good as they sound.

In conclusion: The superior quality of Chipotle is worth the walk. I can't comment on Qdoba.

SAC director Tim Miller happened to be in front of me in line, and also had a burrito. You should solicit his opinion on the new venue.

Tim Miller said...

Since I am noted in Calder's comment I figured I would share my thoughts. I really enjoyed the burrito I had today and think that people willing to give J street a chance will agree. I remember thinking that when they were making it that it wasn't as big as one from Chipotle and i actually mentioned to Mo, who manages all of J street, that students would comment that the burrito was smaller than Chipotle's.
However, when you actually look at what is in the burrito it is a great deal. It tasted great, it wasn't half full of rice but had actual content to it, and you got whatever toppings you wanted without getting nickel and dimed like Chipotle. Unlike Chipotle I didn't want to slip into a food coma like I do after one of their 1200 calorie monstrosities. It is a great menu at a great price and I think Sodexo has done a great deal to provide a great variety this year and this is just another example. Everyone should give this new venue a try.

Matt Ingoglia said...

It sucked.

Yesterday they ran out of rice, less than an hour after opening. How that happens at a brand new burrito restaurant which sodexo knows everyone is going to try is beyond me.

Today I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and go back. I got a burrito which might as well have come out of the microwave (but was still overpriced just like everything else at that godawful establishment). Not to mention that it weighed about an ounce and contained maybe 5 grains of rice, a few cubes of overcooked steak and a negligible amount of toppings.

Clearly, the problem isn't the food itself. It just boils down to the fact that anything sodexo does they inevitably ruin. I love a good burrito, and I was excited to see this place finally open, but after my experience today I don't see the point in encouraging them and going back.

Anonymous said...

This figures - two student opinions giving it mediocre remarks, University administrator giving it completely positively spun comments.

Do u really believe a man of Mr. Miller's ..stature is sastified by a burrito half the size of Chipotle???

Anonymous said...

GW students complaining? What a shock. Get rid of all the rich kids who expect all their meals to be gold-plated so the rest of us can live in peace.

Anonymous said...

J Street had Burrito Express in the 2005-2006 academic year (when the current seniors were freshmen). It was pretty good.

The Burro is a block away. Why not put some healthy in J Street?

Anonymous said...

Sodexo is just awful. I know its renowned but clearly they can;t do anything right. Ripping students off at what is supposed to be their cafeteria? Fools. Not surprised if this place sucks.

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