Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recycling In More Than One Way...

The Hatchet recently ran a story about the Power Shift energy demonstrations that took place at the Capitol last week. Hearing about the convention that occurred the Friday prior, this was no surprise, however running into a large group of the activists in the Senate cafeteria was a little bit unusual.

As an Intern on the hill I usually eat my lunch in the basement dining hall while doing some reading for class. Getting the BBQ option with a side of Macaroni and Cheese, I found a seat in the crowded cafeteria and began my lunch.

Almost instantly there were 50 or more young activists wearing green hard hats swarming the basement floor of the Senate Office Building.

I was about finished with my food and the large group was looking for tables. Being the "green" supporter that I am, I volunteered the one I was using and went to throw away my garbage and the small amount of food I had left.

After tossing my trash into the waste bin, one of the activists reached in, pulled it out and walked over to the table where his comrades were gathered. He quickly picked out my dirty napkins and went to town on my remaining lunch.

It was definitely not something I would expect to happen while on the hill but it definitely shows that those "green" supporters are all about recycling, sustainability and allowing the littlest waste possible.

As the Hatchet noted, some of the demonstrators were GW students. I wonder if I will run into that one hungry activist again, on campus.

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