Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Get Stranded this Weekend

This weekend marks the jump back into Daylight savings time and the Washingotn Post has reminded us that this could effect the weekend plans of many GW students. If students plan on using the metro this weekend, be aware that the time change comes into effect at 2 AM sunday morning (right as some students are venturing back to foggy bottom). The normal weekend closing time for the Metro is usually around 3 AM. But once it hits 2 AM
"Metro will spring foward along with everyone else, and it will become 3 a.m., Metrorail's weekend closing time"
So GW students (and anyone else who reads this blog) be aware of the time change and plan your weekend schedule accordingly. Unless you want to get stuck with the cab fare back to GDubs, set your watch an hour early in the beginning of the night or stay within the 4-Ride zone.

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