Thursday, March 12, 2009

BREAKING: Runoff Election Scheduled for March 25-26th

According to JEC's website, the runoff election between Julie Bindelglass and Nick Polk will be held March 25-26th.

See the left-hand sidebar of their website for confirmation.

Still waiting for news on Boyer's appeal to the Student Court.

UPDATE: The JEC's press release on the matter has been posted on their website (finally).

An excerpt (emphasis added):
The Finding of Fact and Order is more than five pages long, but the following excerpt from our decision on complaint 056 represents our long-standing policy on campaign rules:

“Our finding is consistent with the spirit of the rules regarding spending limits. The purpose of spending limits is not to limit the amount of money that a candidate will actually spend on their campaign. Rather, it is to ensure a fair election by providing a level playing field for all candidates. The purpose of such a rule is to make sure that no candidate has a greater level of purchasing power or ability to disseminate their message to the public.”

As a result of those violations, Mr. Boyer has accumulated eight total penalties during this election cycle. Pursuant to §7120 of the Joint Elections Committee Charter…we have issued Mr. Boyer an order of disqualification.

The Runoff Election is currently scheduled to be held on March 25th and 26th. According to §7107 of the JEC Charter, the Runoff candidates will be Julie Bindelglass and Nick Polk.

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