Sunday, March 8, 2009

One little regret senior year

I am not necessarily proud to admit it, but I will:

In my four years at GW, I never got involved with the Student Association. And when I say involved, I mean I only voted in one election my junior year. Even in that election, I only knew a few candidates that I voted for.

Is it my fault for not taking initiative, or is it the fault of SA for not doing more to encourage student involvement. Honestly, I think it's my fault. Just look at election week, you can't get past the Marvin Center without collection a buffet of goodies with the candidates names plastered on.

I was speaking with Jason Lifton, our Vice President-elect, last week. We discussed the role of SA on campus and how much power the SA actually has to evoke change.

He said something that would seem common sense, but quite interesting--the following is not a direct quote:

It takes student support for an initiative to be successful. If enough students want something to get done, it will happen.

Just look at the Chipotle/Qdoba movement Paige Esterkin started. In about a week she had over 1,000 supporters on Facebook and got Sodexo to start serving burritos in J Street.

The administration is listening--and SA can't do everything on their own for us.

Looking back, I wish I had been a little more involved in student government. Maybe if I had, some of the things I griped about would have been changed.

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Anonymous said...

yea, the position holders and the school administration wants you to think they have power. all bs.