Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boyer's Ticking Clock

(Before this post begins - I am no expert on the SA. In fact, quite the opposite. However, I have recently learned a bit and feel that I have the capacity to write this post analyzing the process. If you know a lot about the SA and spot any errors here, sound off in the comment section.)

It's been a hectic few days at GWBlogSpot, with everything that has been going on at the SA and JEC.

As we've commented in previous posts, and Boyer's campaign has confirmed, the next logical step for his campaign, in order to get back on the ballot, is to file a lawsuit with the SA Court challenging the JEC's ruling to disqualify him.

We now know that the election is scheduled for the 25th-26th. We return from Spring Break on the 23rd.

Even if Kyle filed tomorrow, or first thing on the 23rd when we return, something tells me that it will not be enough time for the court to schedule a hearing and rule on the issue. In the last lawsuit Kyle was involved in, the signature issue, the entire process took several days.

What will happen if he files and there is no time for a full hearing? Can the court issue an order to push the election back yet again? Will the SA get involved and move the runoff for a second time? Will the issue be heard by the court after the runoff, rendering it all moot? Will Kyle even bother to file an appeal, as his campaign has indicated it will, given the time constraints?

Who's to tell at the moment? But whatever happens, the clock is ticking.

UPDATE: Just for fun. Prediction: Kyle files on the 23rd, the Court orders another delay in the election, pending the court's ruling, which will be in early April. I won't speculate beyond that. Any of you have a prediction? Sound off in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

FYI, the Court cannot delay the election any further. The SA Constitution mandates that the runoff election occur no later than 10 class days after the general election, or, March 26, the last scheduled day of the runoff election. Like you said, the student court process takes time, and also, spring break starts today, so the fact that Kyle hasn't filed a suit already pretty much seals his fate. This is no surprise given how terrible he's been with following the rules.