Monday, March 30, 2009

So who it twitter for? Find out if YOU belong in twitteronia!

A couple weeks ago, I speculated as to whether or not twittering was a sign of a mid-life crisis. Commenter James Barnes pointed out that Twitter users had a higher average age than Facebook and Myspace users: 31, 27, and 26 repectively. But now Twitter has become cool for everyone. So if you're still unsure as to whether or not you want to join twitter, or if you just don't know all that much about twitter, I hope you will find this video instructive.

Feel free to direct your GW peers to your twitter stream :)

UPDATE: GWBlogspot has a twitter


Anonymous said...

Another day, another terrible and uninteresting post at the blogspot.

AdamGreen said...

Another day, another uninteresting and unbold "Anonymous" comment.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another comment by the "professor" with questionable academic credentials and questionable academic oversight.

Another day, another professor who forgot he wasn't an undergraduate any longer..

AdamGreen said...

Anonymous: You randomly heckling unconstructively on this blog is somewhat akin to you standing outside the door of my classroom while I'm teaching or a student is talking and yelling "blah!" into the room.

(With a mask on, to make the analogy more complete.)

Guess what? I'm going to notice. Any teacher would notice -- you're right there, yelling, being annoying, while a constructive dialogue's going on.

Guess what else? You'll be called out. And you deserve to be -- by a professor, student, or anyone else who happens to be right there walking by you in the hallway who doesn't want someone yelling "blah!" at them ad nauseum.

And guess what else? If you think you win "cool" points by heckling, it's more probable that your fellow students think just the opposite when you interrupt unconstructively.

The fact that you won't put your name on your own comments says it all. You, yourself, aren't willing to stand behind the substance of what you're writing. think lots of others will agree with you?

To tie the analogy together, on this blog, you're welcome to come into the room (preferably checking your mask at the door) and offer a constructive addition to the conversation.

But, regardless, random heckling will be called out. And that's the way it should be. Especially when you're coming onto our class blog to do it.