Monday, March 9, 2009

SA Runoff Candidate Debate

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DFPyne said...

In response to P EST’s comment “If we got rid of Chris Franzetti and D F Pyne on the Dining Committee, then maybe there'd be change with dining. They do a terrible job.”

I have only been to one Dining Services Commission Meeting this year and have not been an active member of the Commission in a formal or informal capacity. I do intend to be more active in the Committee next year in my capacity as a Senator.

However, next year I will encourage everyone to give me feedback on every aspect of my job. If you then feel I am doing a terrible job on the Dining Services Commission or doing a terrible job at anything then please let me know and with that feedback together we can make the changes you and everybody wants to see.

Thank You,
Senator-Elect Dylan F. Pyne

P EST said...

First, I attended the one DSC meeting that Dylan attended, and felt like most of the students who were there didn't really partake and speak up. I thought that was the point of the meeting... To not act so subservient to the GW Admin, but to have a say and start compromising. But what I saw around me were students, like Dylan, who didn't speak up once, and just sat there. I wasn't even sure if he was on the committee, but he never said one word the entire meeting! What's the point of meeting with GW Admin if you're just going to sit there? I felt the same way about other students there, but he was the only student that really came to mind since he was sitting across from me and never opened his mouth once. Why did he attend that meeting? Was he just there to be an observer? And if he's a supporter of reforming GW Dining, why didn't he speak up and state his opinions?... I dunno, that's how I was taught to get things done: by opening my mouth.

DFPyne said...

To be frank I was there just to be an observer. Dining being such a huge issue, I wanted to investigate it further and get all the facts before making an education decision. I didn’t feel comfortable speaking up because I didn’t feel that I knew enough about the topic to contribute in a positive manner at the time. If educating oneself and coming up with informed opinions before speaking is a crime, then I am guilty.

In the future now that I am relatively informed I am more likely to speak up. Yes, one has to open their mouth to get things done, but one should also do the leg work that comes before hand as well.