Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gelman Plans Are A Start

Gelman Library needs a massive overhaul to adequately fulfill the needs of GW students. 

While the $5 million proposal presented by University Librarian Jack Siggins represents an acknowledgment that change is needed, the plan would be much improved by focusing on adding study space rather than trying to make the first floor look like the newsroom at CNN headquarters:

The Hatchet's staff editorial reads:

How many flat-screen televisions does one school need?

Apparently, between J Street and the lobby of Duques Hall, we don't have enough of these around campus yet, because the plans for the Gelman Library first-floor renovations include an Information Hub decked out with a number of these flat panels.

Any GW student who has ever cracked a book open will likely argue that Gelman needs some serious improvements. Before shipping in the flatscreens, however, administrators should stop and consider what the true mission of a library really is.

Students absolutely don't need high-tech TVs. We probably don't even need that Information Hub. We just need a place to study, free from the distractions of our living environments. 

Today, with many students gearing up for a deluge of midterm exams, the need for more study space has never been more apparent. 

Unfortunately, the university does not see it this way:
"The University does not see this as a high enough priority to warrant even presenting this to the Board of Trustees," [Siggins] said.
The university should really reconsider its current course of action and explore the new Gelman plan (sans flat-screen TVs) before this year is over. 


Anonymous said...

Lifecycle of a Blogspot post:

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2. Rip a photo, make fun of Hatchet's lack of transparency, professionalism, fact it's a newspaper, et.
3. Add no original analysis, OR spend 300 more words than necessary blathering using no support
4. Restate original thought
5. Create Facebook group as advocacy method
6. Go back to class, think of new blogpost to fill assignment credit

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so true

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It's that Adam guy, he's so into this and he gets the most pathetic kids to follow his lead

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At least people are commenting, the comment section on the hatchet is basically always empty.

The school needs to forget the TV's and give us more quiet space where we can plug our laptops in. And those circular study tables....SUCK.

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Blogspot is trying to be like Insidethesa or thegwpatriot

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