Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Showdown Tuesday Night - Boyer v. JEC

Inside the SA broke the news this morning.

The Student Court will hear Kyle Boyer v. JEC this Tuesday night. Time and place TBD.

To see the (rather stern) writ of certiorari issues by Chief Judge Christopher Wimbush, click here.

From the writ:
Each side will be given 30 minutes to clearly and succinctly present their arguments. While the Chief Judge retains the authority to grant each side additional time to present arguments, no such additional time will be granted in this case. Requests for rebuttals will also not be granted in this case. The Court also advises parties that their oral arguments be direct, focused, and well- articulated. The Court also recommends that parties avoid excessive use of legalese in their briefs as well as in their oral arguments.
To what I'm sure will be to your great delight: GWBlogSpot will be liveblogging the trial.

Since the election cannot constitutionally be held any later than the 25th-26th, an opinion will almost certainly come out Tuesday evening.

It's going to be a busy day.

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