Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Kyle Boyer In Trouble?

Student Assocation Presidential candidate Kyle Boyer allegedly failed to report four expenses in the expenditure report he submitted to the Joint Election Commission and may have actually exceeded the $1,000 spending limit, according to a complaint filed by senior Wylie Ballinger on March 2 and a subsequent report by The GW Patriot's Bill Flanigen.  

The Patriot writes:
Ballinger alleged that the financial statement provided by Boyer to the J.E.C. failed to report the fair market value of the car he used while campaigning on H street on February 25-26, a parking ticket he received, parking meter payments, and the cost of Facebook advertisements. The fourth violation report alleged that, when the undeclared expenses are included in the tabulation of Boyer’s spending, he surpassed the $1,000 spending limit for presidential candidates.
The student-run publication, which according to its website aims to promote conservative and libertarian views on campus, verifies Ballinger's claims:
An examination of Boyer’s expenditure report by the Patriot confirmed that the candidate did not report any spending for a car, a parking ticket, or meter payments, and that he reported no purchases of Facebook advertisements. Included in Ballinger’s complaints were pictures of a car being used by Boyer and his campaign supporters on H street in front of Kogan Plaza. A parking ticket was visible beneath a windshield wiper of the car.
Boyer, who fell just two votes short in the Feb. 25-26 election of preventing a run-off, has been penalized by the J.E.C. for three other campaign-related violations. 

If the J.E.C. finds him guilty of these violations, Boyer will have more than six violations and thus be disqualified.  

This means SA Senator Nick Polk, who finished third in the initial contest, would compete against SA Senator Julie Bindelglass, who placed second, in the March 11-12 run-off.  

The J.E.C. documents are not currently available online. 

GWblogspot would like to open up the comments section to discuss the merits of the complaint filed against Boyer. Please give us your input. 


Stephen Molldrem said...

I wonder what possessed Wylie to file all of those complaints. It would be nice to get some concrete answers from him regarding his motives.

Anonymous said...

It seems open and shut. If the violations are true and the JEC finds him guilty then he should be disqualified, simple as that.

Sean said...

Motives don't matter. Violations are violations. There are rules for a reason.