Thursday, March 12, 2009

BREAKING: JEC Releases Fact and Finding Order

The JEC has released its 6-page Fact and Finding Order in the multiple Ballinger v. Boyer cases it dealt with tonight, disqualifying Mr. Boyer from his candidacy in the runoff.

The concluding sentence:
Pursuant to JEC Charter section 7120, as Mr. Boyer has accumulated more than six penalties in the given election period, we issue Mr. Boyer an order of disqualification.
News on the SA Court appeal and further details on the Fact and Finding Order will be reported as they become available.

A press release from the JEC, and undoubtedly Mr. Boyer and Ms. Bindelglass, are pending.

For Nick Polk's statement, see below.

UPDATE(x2 to reflect correction by Hatchet): Part of a statement given by Phil Bianchi to The Hatchet
"I think our next course of action is to go to the courts."
It's on.


Andrew Perez said...

The quote beginning with "Considering the margin..." was made by Boyer's chief of staff and has been corrected by the Hatchet.

Andrew Perez said...

Would like to point out that Boyer could rent a mid-size SUV from Zipcar for two days at a cost of $151.80.

I don't know where the JEC got the $206 figure.

That said, he would still be over the limit by $36.45, but not $92.63 as found by the JEC.

My Zipcar estimate assumes that the car would be rented for the entire day.

How many hours was Fowler's car to advertise for Boyer?

Anonymous said...

So, the SA, already largely irrelevant to the greater student body, seeks to become more so by disqualifying the most popular candidate?

Anonymous said...

Andrew: 9am-9pm each day.

With Zipcar, a 12 hour rental is the same as a 24 hour one.

Anonymous said...

How can people honestly expect that Kyle Boyer would be allowed to stay in the race when he has clearly broken some very serious rules? He may be popular but that does not change the fact he broke the rules and should be punished for that.

Anonymous said...

You know who else was popular with his people but broke a lot of rules? Hitler.

Anonymous said...

You know who else was really popular with the people but broke a lot of rules? Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

Please don't even go as far as to put Kyle Boyer and Martin Luther King Jr in the same universe....their situations are completely different and as no disrespect to Kyle but its an insult to Dr King to put them in the same sentence regarding their situations

Logan said...

@ andrew perez:

The JEC is only allowed to rule based on the evidence it is literally given in the trial. If someone hands them a rental fee of 206 and no one else gives them anything, they are only allowed to rule on the evidence presented.

As such, even if it were the zipcar fee he still would be disqualified.

Anonymous said...

could we get a real feedback on what the student body wants? put all 3 of em on the ballot. That would be fair to everyone. That way, if you felt Boyer was guilty you wouldn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense. Kyle violated the rules, was found guilty by a panel of his peers, and yet is not punished at all? He broke the rules got caught and now pays the price....That's the way things work