Monday, March 30, 2009

Trying to Understand the Not So Nice Comments Directed Towards Adam Green...

So, there have been comments here and there hating on Adam Green, to which he gave a (substantial) response. But I don't think Adam is fully addressing the issues that these anonymous commenters have with him. This is how he starts his reply:
In the interest of transparency and constructive dialogue, let's have the discussion.
First, let's start with the main point on the table the last couple days. Is it fair game for GWBlogspot in general, or me in particular as admin of GWBlogspot, to critique the Hatchet?

But I'm not sure that's the only issue. Take a look at some of the comments being posted:
9:34 [Comment From Adam Green]
Is the GW Hatchet there? Are the Department of Justice people swarming them -- asking to give a statement to GW's "paper of record" (according to Hatchet comments on GWBlogspot yesterday)?

9:36 [Comment From Adam Green]
If Obama puts a seal on the podium, is there any chance the JEC will be forced to kick Obama off stage for not officially declaring the podium as an expenditure?

Adam, you're getting more and more pathetic every day.

Seriously. This guy sounds like he didn't check a lot off his to-do list in college and is attempting to extend the experience. Doesn't exactly summon the word "professorial" -- though "juvenile" comes to mind.

God save the Political Science department if Adam Green ever receives tenure.

My interpretation of these comments is that some people feel that Adam, in his capacity as a professor, has no rightful place in student discourse. My question to these commenters is: why not?

One of the selling points that most universities tout in their brochures and on visit days is how "accessible" their professors are. Think back to when you read about/visited colleges, don't you remember some university talking about how there is such a great sense of community at their university that students feel comfortable asking a professor to have coffee with them to talk about anything that's on their mind? I can't think of a better example of accessibility than a professor who participates in student dialogue and treats students as equals, rather than trying to use their "position of power" as a professor to prove that they are right rather than proving their points through the actual merits of their arguments. Would you prefer professors that only lecture in class and refuse to engage in protracted dialogue with students? Isn't that the very type of dialogue that fosters learning?

The only arguments I can think of for why professor involvement in student discouse would be harmful is if people are afraid to challenge the professor or if the professor responds to students in a degrading manner. In this situation, I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

So... why so much hate?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a currenty a student in Adam's Internet and Politics class; so feel free to make comments about what a suck-up I am. And hey, while you're at it, maybe even throw in a constructive response to my argument.


Neha said...

"God save the Political Science department if Adam Green ever receives tenure. "

FYI people Adam is an SMPA prof, not Poli Sci.

Student said...

of those two comments you cited, the first shouldn't be comments that even come from students

how can we respect him if he's worse than we are?

Anonymous said...

"The Buzzkill misquoted President Obama as saying, "GW Blogspot is the Special Olympics of journalism." He did not say the quotation, but it is true."

HAHA burn!!!

AdamGreen said...

Anonymous posting + quoting April fools editions = an argument of unmatched credibility.

Score another point for "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Wow anonymous, thank you for your insightful response. You're obviously too much of a coward to fess up to your lame posts.

Anyways, Neha, I agree with your response regarding accessibility. I've had plenty of Professors make comments I didn't agree with during office hours--and been left without a chance to provide a counterargument. At least Adam puts his comments on the record--with his name (ahem anonymous)--and invites dissent.

I've found that many Professors here at GW have trouble taking criticism. Adam, thank you for welcoming it in such a public forum.

Caroline said...

Adam Green is picking on students on the fucking internet. He should be allowed to foster and encourage dialogue but it's pathetic to repeatedly insult and belittle The Hatchet (the least of which is by putting in independent and paper of record in quotes). Do your research.

I'm not affiliated with The Hatchet but a sorority sister of mine is and she works harder than anyone I know. They deserve better treatment from an SMPA professor.

AdamGreen said...

Caroline. Which examples are you referring to?

(I'd be surprised if you found any instance of me putting quotes around independent. I believe that was someone else making a different critique.)

Also, I'd refer you to a question posed in my previous comment, and invite your response.

If "Hatchet editor" writes things on GWBlogspot that are dismissive of new media -- such as saying (erroneously) that the Hatchet has 1000 times the readership of blogs, or saying (erroneously) that most posts at this blog are about the Hatchet -- are you saying it's off limits for me to respond?

Is your rule of thumb that any response from me is "picking on students?" Is this comment "picking on" you?

Very curious where you draw the line.

Logan said...

Prof Green:

Props for your work. Don't let 'em get to you, though I'm sure you won't.

Anonymous said...

You just lost credibility with your Logan Dobson endorsement

Anonymous said...

Why do commenters here have such an obsession with always making character attacks on people? Do you have any sense of dignity?

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I'm sorry Farhan!

Colby Anderson said...

Professor Green,

I've been told that you e-mail people on the Hatchet staff and almost provoke them to respond. Is this true.

Also, I sometimes feel like you are criticizing the Hatchet, but not in a constructive way. Reading over the posts, I don't really see something that is a concrete suggestion of how to make the paper better.

What would you say to that?

Andrew Perez said...


If you haven't noticed, we don't exactly receive constructive criticism on

That said, here's some constructive criticism as to how the Hatchet can improve its publication:

1. Stop giving a soapbox to those who encourage and rationalize discrimination. See here and here.

2. Stop attacking students who try to make a difference just because they're freshmen:

"Seriously, you should listen to everything I have to say, because my opinions are derived from about a semester of experience at this school. Who cares if I'm still bitching about Colonial Inauguration and was in high school about 6 months ago, what I have to say is really fucking important."

Meanwhile, the Hatchet publishes a FRESHMAN'S garbage justification as to why gays (like him!!!) shouldn't be in the military since they make others (like who?) uncomfortable.

-- I could go on, but I'll save it for now.

One last note: While the Hatchet's knock on us wasn't beyond the pale or anything like that, one might think our university's highly esteemed paper of record would think twice about mocking the Special Olympics.