Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are you on crack? Or just LSD?

According to a GW Hatchet article, a GW student who was expelled last year for drug possession - including that of LSD - is suing for readmittance and $500,000.

The complaint states that the University breached a contract by not following its Student Code of Conduct sanctions, which list a $50 fine and required participation in a drug abuse program for first-time offenders. The University, however, responded that the sanctions listed in the student code are minimum punishments.

Jack also filed a motion that, if granted, would force GW to readmit to him to the University before proceedings continue. If GW does not immediately readmit him, Jack argued that his academic career will be significantly impacted and he will suffer "immediate and irreparable injury."

The most humorous element of this claim is the attempt to "protect" the student's academic record. However, according to case filings, the student had failed 3 of classes while attending, and received a grade of incomplete for the other 2.

I think that immediate and irreparable injury to one's academic record usually occurs when one starts tripping on LSD - in this case it most certainly did.

How could this student even make the case the he should be allowed back in? He was caught with large quantities of a variety of drugs, and had a seemingly low GPA of 0.00.

I want GWU to go up in rankings for academics, not psychedelics, so I vote this student should remain expelled.

What do you think? Add your comments below!


Anonymous said...

Yup keep him out! If you are that much of an idiot you don't deserve to be part of the GW student community. Argument solved.

Colby Anderson said...


Anonymous said...

Both of your a idiots, go pray to your false gods. I take my LSD with absinthe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the ignorance here. This student's acid tripping hasn't affected anyone but himself. Why bother screwing with him?
And who's to say acid use is the cause of his bad grades? Francis Crick was tripping on acid when he discovered the structure of DNA. Also, anyone who compares LSD to crack clearly does not have a clue what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well said from the last 2 people, bad grades cant be related to LSD in any way, acid can be a very spiritual and beautiful thing in the right hands, and can in no way be compared to crack. Obviously the words of someone who slates something before they actually try it.

Anonymous said...

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