Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vote Early and Often

Hey y'all, what a crazy couple of weeks its been. Even if you have just been skimming the Hatchet or GWblogspot you have probably heard all about the election. I have some good news though, the Runoff election will officially start tomorrow and run until Thursday at 9:00 PM. What does that mean?

We will finally have a SA President Thursday Night

So far its been confusing, drawn out, and just downright ridiculous at times. Don't let this deter you though, tomorrow while in class, in your dorm room, studying in the library, anywhere with internet access be sure to log in to www.GWelection.com and Vote! Its free and easy, so why not make your voice heard.

Here are some other reasons:
1. You get free candy on H Street
2. The girl/guy/TA you have a crush on thinks people who vote are hot
3. Its good practice for the real world (Remember the butterfly ballot?)
4. You get instant Karma
5. You officially (unofficially) get permission to complain about the SA next year

Should you vote for me? I think so, but if you want to find out more be sure to go to www.pickpolk.com



Farhan Daredia said...

"Its free and easy, so why not make your voice heard."
Really? No poll taxes?? You sure?

Nick Polk said...

If you stop by H Street you even get free pop-tarts for doing it!

Andrew Perez said...

Does anyone actually know there's an election... starting tomorrow?

Next, any response to Paige's blogpost?

Anonymous said...

Pick Polk. The guy knows what's up -- he's aware that the SA is only capable of so much (and that most people think it is a big waste of time). After such a ridiculous year and such a ridiculous election season, Polk is our best shot at restoring some integrity to the SA.

Anonymous said...

"Its free and easy, so why not make your voice heard."

"5. You officially (unofficially) get permission to complain about the SA next year"

So we can get our voices heard by voting?
But I'm kind of nervous to complain if you're going to be our next President... You boycott students...

Nick Polk said...

In response to Andrew,

Our campus Media serves the purpose of keeping the student body informed and providing a place where everybody can discuss and debate ideas. My response to Paige was definitely strongly worded, but it drives me crazy when GW students attack their peers with little basis and giving them no way to defend themselves.

We aren't professional politicians, in fact we are far from that. We are students. We don't get paid for what we do and we don't have a staff of very smart people to help us out. If you want to tell me that I'm doing something wrong or that you disagree with me, please please do. I'm only right 10% of the time if I'm lucky. If you want to just generally tell me that I'm doing a terrible job, that doesn't help much. How can I improve using that criticism? We're all on the same team here as GW students, so I think we should build eachother up instead of trying to break eachother down