Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honestly?? Why Does Everyone Hate Smokers?

Before anyone starts freaking out over the title of this post, let me first and for most explain I am not a cigarette smoker. I mean sometimes after some drinks I make dumb decisions and take drags of my friends, yes I do smoke Shisha and enjoy it very much, and other smoke causing substances will not be discussed, however a smoke free GW campus...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I understand that some people do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, and that is why there is no smoking in buildings, dorms, restaurants, or bars in all of DC. AND apparently buildings can put restrictions on how close a person can stand near an entrance while smoking. However, how do these three graduate students think they can stop people from smoking on all of GW campus. Oh wait....THEY DON'T. To me, this sounds like a major detail, but according to the Campus for Clean Air it is a "detail they hope GW administrators can help iron out."

However, the group has one suggestion to stop smokers.
Since GW has a problem with boundaries, this policy should be enforced wherever a [University Police] officer is able to impose University rules.
WOW...great idea. Let's take time to train University police officers on what zones are smoke free, and then what? They write them a ticket? They tell them to put it out? They kick them off a PUBLIC campus? What if it isn't a GW student? These are just some questions that come to mind BEFORE I would go to the administrators with my idea, but that's just me.

I don't like cigarette smoke but it's not like I wallow around in it for fun. Outside Gelman people smoke all the time, and ya I might get a smell of it as I walk by, but is that really crime enough to have to put a ban on smoking outside buildings? Does it really affect someones day that much that when they walk by a smoker, they wish an officer would come over and scold them for their decision? And I am sorry Chris Carrier that you are "asthmatic" and walking through clouds of smoke on the street affects you but people need to be adults and deal with the cards they are dealt. Maybe cross the street when you see a group of smokers? Hold your breath?

I feel as though GW has more problems that UPD should be taking care of rather than tracking down pesky smokers. Such as, I don't know, when a girl was mugged for her i-pod outside 7-11?? or when someone gets assaulted in the alley that I walk down a lot...I should probably re-think my route to my dorm from now on, but I digress.

UPD cannot even figure out who has been smoking weed and cigarettes in Ivory dorms lately because the ventilation system is so complicated. I kid you not, they figured out which rooms are being affected, but cannot find the actual culprit. But even then, if they did, there would be an actual ability to kick those students out of housing. If I were a regular person walking on GW campus and a UPD officer stopped me to tell me to put out my cigarette, I'd laugh...out loud at the situation. Come on Campus for Clean Air, let's come up with a better idea of promoting student health because banning smoking on campus is not going to STOP a person from smoking.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot...and the little ugg-tights-Venti Cappuccino 18 year olds cigarette in the other hand are idiots as much as you are. Can't stand people that smoke with their "airs" gushing up their necks, rolling the eyes, and puffing in the self-important manner...

And I won't even devote the time to disagree with the points you've brought up

Anonymous said...

I think that you are taking the wrong angle. I think that their efforts should be commended, not because they will necissarily stop smokers from smoking more, but because they will clean up the air for everyone on GW's campus. The negative impacts of secondhand smoke have been proven, there is no reason that we should all be subjected to them when we want to walk into Gelman or sit in Kogan on a nice day. Secondhand smoke is not a joke and your attitude towards it is inconsiderate.
The university enforces all sorts of bans that seem difficult on our urban campus. For example, the rule that no officer can have their gun visible on campus. While UPD does not carry guns, there are other officers that walk on and off campus who know that they need to hide their guns when they do. You make it seem as though such a ban on cigarettes cannot be upheld by UPD, but I think you are misjudging the potential.
How nice would it be to be able to walk into Gelman or into the dorms without first having to fight through the thick, ever-present cloud of smoke right outside the door? I think this initiative will hit a lot of opposition, but don't you think it is in the students' best interest? The university should explore every way to provide the students with the best, cleanest environment possible. I think this initiative is one that not only deserves our support, but also our applause of the individuals who have the courage to initiate an idea that can have such a positive impact.

Anonymous said...

To both Anons:


Anonymous said...

To the ONE "Anon:" I'll just assume you're a kid smoking to look cool and who lives on daddy and mommy's money. You're REALLY awesome with your statement...grow up a bit and enlighten us why the arguments are "Erroneous"

BasilQHJ said...

To the first anonymous comment, I don't smoke, or wear uggs, or wear tights but I know ALOT of people on GW campus do...but does it affect my everyday?? No...I think you're letting people make you upset for no reason. Who cares if they think they are self important? You devoted time to bash on people, why not make a real argument for smoke free campus.

Second anonymous, I understand that second hand smoke is a big issue, and yes I HATE when it is around me, but more in the fashion of around me at a restaurant or a bar where there is no air to breath, but when it comes to walking on the street I don't feel it is a plausible idea. Hiding a gun...or stopping people from smokin are two completely different points. It just seems rather than trying to control the sidewalks, UPD should devote more time to making more efficient green buildings etc.

Anonymous number three...I love that movie and thanks for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Secondhand smoke is a big deal. THINK Cancer. Think deformities. So put down the venti Starbucks, look around you. UPD does not have to enforce everything. Read the article again and you will see that a person with an open-mind can understand that smoking is harmful.

By the way, smoking while drinking still makes you a smoker. So stop saying you are not a smoker.

And really? Shisha? Ridiculing asthmatics? You are in college, learn something.

JanaB said...

Honestly? Could you think of a better POST TITLE????

First of all. . . I am not even going to take up my sweet time addressing my disgust with the unfortunate time that GW undergrads devote to fashion- or lack their of. . .

What is unreal to me that on a campus that claims to be soooo liberal that there would even be people that would argue the "rights" issue like they are here. GUESS WHAT??? Smokers have NO rights- none at all- ZERO, ZILCH. . . NONE!

SMOKERS are not a protected class
Protected Classes are: Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Color, National Origin, DISABILITY, Age, Veteran, Sex, Familial Status

For someone like me with asthma it is a constant daily drama wondering if I am going to have an asthma attack walking on campus because some fool is puffing their smoke in my face.

GW Undergrads (smokers decrease as education increases) smoke excessively. Some of the reasons are because they have unlimited funding. Just the other week I was asking this kid if the cost of a pack, and the economy effected him much. . . with cigs being almost $7.00 a pack here in DC, and I always like to throw in the "Or are your parents buying that for you?" he threw back a "Well I work in the summers!" I said "so you are working in the summer to pay for your cigs?" Basically that is the truth for this kid. . .

I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BREATHE IN SECONDHAND smoke- period. UPD can def deal with it. UPD comes to ME when they want to get materials for people they know that want to quit. (It is free for DC residents to QUIT- patches and gum) . . . ya come outside people you will see me on the street chasing smokers. . . AND giving them resources of how to quit! GUESS what???? 9.9/10 people other than the GW student body WANT TO QUIT~ policies and laws force people to quit poor behavior. GET OVER IT!!!!!

Start writing better blog posts. If you are getting mugged by a 14 year-old you SHOULDN'T BE LIVING IN THE CITY!!!!!

BasilQHJ said...

I am not sure why postings keep attacking clothing or what coffee people drink. I am a bit confused??

Also, I never attacked asthmatics and I never made the argument of smokers having "rights."

This is an opinion post, and yes people have different opinions so I encourage debate, but so far only one person has given me a real need to respond because rather than attacking smokers personalities, they expressed their views.

BasilQHJ said...

Also, don't live in a city if I don't want to be mugged...ummmm don't live in a city if your so scared of having an asthma attack from second hand smoke. Maybe you should have looked up schools that have a no smoking policy on the entire campus before you applied??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JanaB said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. . . the point is reduction of smokers. At the end of the day we [society as whole] should (the key word is should) want less people to be sick. If you don't like the health reasoning. . . you can go with the cost-effective argument. Cleaning up the disgarded cigarrette butts, the amount of money we waste in smoking related deaths a year is $250 billion dollars- (just peruse the CDC- or my blog. . . . )

The "rights" comment- does have something do with the general idea of the post- because law enforcement is to protect MY rights as a citizen. One of which is to be free of general disturbances. . . smoking disturbs my daily living.

All I am saying is that I know a lot of the UPD officers and they spend a lot of time doing things that are simply in their words "silly" like Emerging someone to the hospital for a cold???!!!! You can never fully regulate everyone from smoking on campus- CLEARLY.

Policies are meant to REDUCE the amount of whatever the behavior may be. Kind of like sexual harassment. If there were no policy in place think of the possibilities. . .

My comments about the muggings are clearly more of a smart ass comment. The bottom line there is that people just need to be smart. UPD can't do too much after a mugging has occurred- they are just not designed to be available like that. I have these discussions with MPD all the time. I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand. . do you? I know the regular hustlers by name, I know every street vendor every person that is in and around this neighborhood.

Their is actually no argument in general. . . NO smoking is always good for everyone- period. I am just sure that the University takes Tobacco Money and most likely has a lot of stock options in it. . . .that is my theory.

FYI. . . I never attacked smokers personalities. . . I discussed A smokers response to a question. I actually blame the cigarette makers- but that is for my blog. . . so get it straight now, son.

Anonymous said...

I am an occasional smoker and I would be pretty upset if I could no longer smoke a cigar or my pipe on campus. Ya, thats right, I am one of those kids. I don't smoke cigarettes but I smoke cigars or pipes, depending on my mood. It's not because I think that I am better than you, it is simply that I do not like inhaling smoke so I found a way to have some nicotine without inhaling (you don't inhale cigar or pipe smoke for those who don't know). I also don't like cigarettes because I am fully aware of all of the chemicals and poisons that are in them. Cigars and pipe tobacco are simply straight forward tobacco and usually of good quality, not the shavings and dust that are crammed into those nasty little white wrappers. On the other hand, cigar and pipe tobacco are not harmless either. People do die from tongue, mouth, and throat cancer if they smoke like a chimney. If you smoke an entire box of cigars a day, like Sigmund Freud used to, you may die from oral cancer like he did. That being said, I don't smoke but every once in a while. Every so often, about every two months or so, I will feel like having a good cigar. I walk down to Georgetown Tobacco, get a nice stick and come back and smoke it that evening if its going to be a nice night. I'm not hardcore enough to own a humidor, but I love and appreciate the artistry that goes into a finely rolled cigar or the subtle licorice notes that i find in some of my pipe tobacco. I don't need a lecture to tell me smoking is bad. I am an adult and I can make these decisions on my own. I recognize the dangers of having a ridiculous smoking habit, but I don't have one. YES, secondhand smoke is bad, but momentarily walking through a cloud of smoke every so often will not give you cancer. Working everyday in a cramped smoke-filled bar (the rare few that are left in this country) would harm you, but not passing by a puff of smoke. I also hate the cigarettes out in front of Gelman. I hate the cigarette smell and everything about it. I like cigar and pipe smoke because it smells better to me.

Please, show me evidence of people getting cancer from walking through clouds of smoke every so often.

Anonymous said...

The idea is simple...smoke in your own PRIVATE home/area. NOT in public areas...such as campus. I think the group is onto something and even smokers should take a step back. Smoking is more than cancer and asthma. This is about starting a change that it is not okay for all non-smokers to be exposed to it. Their demand is not unreasonable.

Plus this is GW, if you smokers do not like then go smoke in front of a building that is not part of GW. GW is very urban campus, this should not be difficult. Is it that hard for a smoker to walk to a non-GW part of the city? Be considerate of people who do not enjoy walking past smokers and getting a whiff of those carcinogens/chemicals. Smoking near buildings also pulls it inside the entrances and there is research out there to prove it is harmful. This change can be a good thing. Think it over.

BasilQHJ said...

GW is a "public campus" so smoking on the sidewalk would be smoking in a public area correct? I think yes the idea is generally more healthy for people, but I do not think it is reasonable in anyway shape or form.

There are students that smoke, yes, but what about the people that are just walking by? UPD would stop them and ask them to put it out?

I just believe there should have been a better thought out plan before going to the administration about the issue.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that GW would need to clearly define what constitutes "on campus". Technically, the sidewalks are public property on campus but thats the thing, it is public property so intuition tells me that DC itself would need to allow GW to ban smoking on its sidewalks within certain street boundaries. Where would smokers go? I can only think of a handful of places such as maybe Washington Circle or outside of 2000 Penn. Is the area by the GW Hospital technically on campus?

Also, this would effect not only students, but faculty and staff as well. Professors would have to find a new place to smoke. The J Street workers would not be too happy if they found out they couldn't smoke on their breaks in that alley between Betts and Lafayette. Remember, J Street workers are part of a union and if the ban on smoking irked them enough, things could get serious.

jackaroo1223 said...

It all boils down to its a free country. People wanna smoke tobacco? Ok, cool. As long as they are at least 18, since that is the minimum age, thats fine. I myself am a smoker. I'm not proud of the fact, but it is what it is. Mainly, I'm not proud of it because of people like the commentors on this post leaving their self-important ramblings and stereotypes and hate speech. Really, why waste that much energy towards someone you don't know?

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco is not illegal. And for those saying it should only be allowed in private homes, whats next? You can only drink in private homes? Drinking alcohol causes all KINDS of medical conditions, and you don't need to be an alcoholic to develop some of them. Not to mention drunk driving. The state of mind is not altered to being "under the influence" of cigarettes.

While I agree they are bad for you, its an individual's decision whether they want to smoke or not.

Now, as for consideration for other people. For me personally, if I am smoking in a public place (where smoking is allowed) I try to be as considerate as possible. I stay clear and downwind from children and the elderly, and try to be out of the way so if people want to avoid the smoke, they can.

If other people are not as considerate, please don't lump the rest of us in with them.

In the meantime... its perfectly legal, and in many ways, a lot less harmful to the general population than alcohol consumption.

Anonymous said...

Non-smokers are pussy homos

Anonymous said...

If you smoke cigarettes, it does not mean:

1. That you are uneducated or young. I know plenty of very intelligent people who smoke cigarettes. It's not a matter of stupidity, cigarettes are addictive. Maybe somebody has told you that before?

2. That they have "unlimited funds" or are "living off of mommy and daddy's money" That's just the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.

3. That they drink Starbucks. Starbucks is horrible, please do not associate cigarette smoking with freaking Starbucks.

I smoke cigarettes. I am addicted to them. Lots of fat people eat cheeseburgers. Heroin addicts shoot up with needles. People drink coffee in order to wake up in the morning. Everyone's got a vice of some sort -- yes, even you.

I understand why smoking near an entrance would be annoying, or smoking in a place where you are in close quarters with other people is disrespectful. But if I want to stand in a spot where no one else is standing and light up, you all can kiss my ass. If walking past me gives you an asthma attack, then you shouldn't leave your house without your bubble. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

The reason I dislike that people smoke is plain and simple:

If they are an idiot and want to hurt themself like that fine, I don't care. BUT they hurt those around them as well. Not in the sentimental, emotional way like a game addict hurts people, but also in a physical way. secondhand smoke is very dangerous, and in the right environment, can equate to smoking several cigs. My friend got an asthma attack as we were walking on our "smoke free" campus. The pigs (our public safety cops) just gave up enforcing it. If I ever get a smoke related disease from secondhand smoke, I will calmly leave the doctor's office, find a smoker, and beat them half to death. These are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

Anonymous said...

That they have "unlimited funds" or are "living off of mommy and daddy's money" That's just the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. -- good point! "unlimited funds"? then why am I studying and smoking thinking about what to write?

Anonymous said...


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