Friday, March 6, 2009

Runoff candidates to face off here on GWblogspot! Submit your questions today!

Get Excited Everyone!

GWBlogspot will host a live streaming-video debate between the last SA Presidential candidates standing on Monday at 9 p.m. This will likely be the only debate of the run-off.

Don't miss your final opportunity to vet these candidates. This is a chance to ask questions that were not discussed before the elections last week, and we need your help deciding what to ask.

In the last SA debate on GWBlogspot, you chose fiscal responsibility and accountability as some of the top topics, and candidates wrote detailed answers to your questions.

For Monday's live video debate, we want to know what other pressing issues you feel should be addressed before one of these top candidates is elected President.

Please post your questions on the blog and join us on Monday night for this exciting opportunity. (To sign up for an email reminder before the debate, click here.)


Anonymous said...

If you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be and why?

Dave said...

In the first debate, a lot was said concerning the lack of communication between the current President and the rest of the SA.

What measures will you take to increase communication and openness WITHIN the SA?

Anonymous said...

A question for Bindlegrass. Ms. Bindlegrass, could you please provide information regarding the event that is commonly referred to as "BindleFest"? The people who would be your constituents demand to know.

Thank you, sirs.

Anonymous said...

Who is the worst professor you have had at GW and why?

Anonymous said...

What will you do to ensure more access to local, fair trade, and organic foods on campus and through GWorld so that GW students can eat better and be more sustainable? (Please think beyond complaining about J Street)

Richie Johnson said...

What should the administration's list of priorities (top 3) for the next year look like?

Anonymous said...

To Julie: The endorsement from the Hatchet is arguably the most important to SA Executive candidates. Why do you think Kyle got the Hatchet endorsement? And do you think that your endorsement from the College Dems holds more sway than the Hatchet's endorsement.
Lastly, you were endorsed by the GW Ballet Group which you are in fact a active member of. Do you think it was appropriate for the group to officially endorse you in terms of an endorsement that should have been reached in an unbiased manner?

Adam said...

Kyle, there have been rumors about many election violations that you and your campaign team committed can you comment on this please?

Anonymous said...

To Julie: The recent refusal of the SA to co-sponsor Bhangra Blowout, one of the biggest cultural events on campus run by the GW South Asian Society is being met with great criticism by students and GW Officials alike. Do you think your decisions as Finance Committee Chair will help or hurt you in the run-off elections?