Thursday, February 12, 2009

Delicious Thin Mint, Where Art Thou?

Word on the street is that some woman was selling Girl Scout cookies in front of Gelman library on Wednesday.

Does anybody know if she will return? Or where one could procure these delicious cookies close to campus?

Setting up shop in the center of a college campus is certainly a smart move for troops. College students love food, especially desserts. And although Girl Scout cookies are a bit pricey, students don't seem to mind shelling out some cash because the money goes to (1) a good cause, and (2) good food.

Apparently some people have an issue with Girl Scout moms doing all the work. According to recent CNN iReport on cookie-selling, some people are simply not down with Girls Scouts taking credit for their parents' work.

Reporter John D. Sutter looked at one mom in particular, who sold cookies for her "busy" daughter. Sutter said of the parent's actions:

In doing so, she would have to step into an ethically dangerous world.

She would have to become an office cookie pusher.

Okay, I understand how this could be an ethical issue. But really, I just want to buy some boxes of cookies.

So whether it be the Girl Scouts or another representative selling them, I'm in. Just let me know where to go.

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Neha said...

Last year there were girl scouts outside the Marvin Center and the Academic Center.