Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenge to SMPA 194

SMPA 194 Students: I took this class last year and have been keeping up with the blog. Was talking with Professor Green the other day and had a few thoughts for you all...

The critics are challenging the "academic rigor" of your class. First, you're about three weeks into the semester... they need to check their expectations for three class meetings 2) blogging is just one component on the class, about 25% if I recall correctly 3) as an alumnus I continue to view Professor Green's class as one of the most practical and professionally applicable I took at GW.

All this aside, I challenge you to get more creative. If a facebook group will help you achieve your objective, than by all means go for it. But if you're just using the various tools in the web2.0 toolbox for sake of using them, don't. A lot of organizations have started social networking, online video, podcasts, twitters and so on with no real mission or purpose... simply just because everyone else is doing it.

Speaking of tools, what makes posts go viral? Well (attempts at) humor for one thing...

Youtube videos, like the one I made for this class above (my first ever) as well as more serious ones, take more time and effort than creating facebook groups, but they work -- we got hundreds of hits from videos that other students and I posted. Even though it is not really part of your grade, driving traffic to this website is an important goal. Doesn't matter how good your posts are if, as a whole, you're not giving people a reason to visit the site. Except for the hatchet staff, I mean "anonymous" critics... don't worry about keeping them, they're a built in audience.

(Updated to clarify video hits sentence in the last paragraph.)

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James said...

I, for one, have missed the frequently-unwarranted-but-always-enjoyed-Hatchet-bashing.