Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get Your GW Deli Gear Now!

With all the talk on this blog and the buzz around campus about dining options available to GW students, or the lack thereof, there has been no mention of the little spot at 22nd and G Streets that will always have a special place in my heart, and without a doubt serves up the best sandwiches, sides, and empanadas in the Foggy Bottom area: The GW Deli.

If you've never eaten there... I'm sorry. It has been a staple on campus since the 80s, based on reports I have received from Alumni, the food is definitely delicious, and there is very wide range of foods you can order, not just run-of-the mill sandwiches. You really must try it.

For those of you who already enjoy what is usually simply known as "The Deli," you can now buy GW Deli Gear online and sport it around campus to promote this fine little eatery.

Buy a hat or a shirt - support Joe and his sandwich-makers and a local business that has serviced our campus with a wide range of dining options for 20+ years.

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Andrew Perez said...

I could go for some GWdeli right now