Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Time to Get Your Vote On!

Anyone remember November? Anyone remember how energized people were to vote? For the first time in years, people flocked to the polls (and students sent in absentee ballots) to cast their vote in history. So why bring up November today, at the end of February?

Because it is election season, GW style.

For a week, more than 50 candidates have spent every spare moment vying for your vote. From the 6am wake-up call for postering to long nights spent speaking to student organizations to debating one another in front of peers, the candidates in this election have proved they are dedicated to their respective campaigns.

The issues on the table range from student space to dining and from grad life to student orgs. Election season at GW is a time when the issues are put on the front burner and everyone on campus starts thinking about what matters to us most.

Vote because you want to see changes in Jstreet. Vote because you live down the hall from someone wearing a campaign tshirt. Vote because you have a preferred candidate that you think will best represent students. The point is, it's time to take ownership and vote.

Vote online Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-9pm at

The writer, Julie Bindelglass, is a guest blogger on and is currently running for S.A. President. More information on Julie and her campaign to Take Back the S.A. can be found on her website,

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