Sunday, February 22, 2009

SA on Twitter?

I recently read the Hatchet's SA Election Guide and was struck by Presidential candidate Julie Bindelglass's suggestion that the SA use interactive tools like Twitter to communicate with students and ensure greater transparency. Quite a novel idea.

So, I thought, what would the SA's Twitter page look like? Below, I've tried my best to visualize it.


10:00 PM Feb 1: Campaign season coming up. Time to beat up on Vishal. Next year's SA will be even better.

8:00 AM Jan 21: Inaugural float, which cost $88,000, was a great success. Ask anyone.

2:51 PM Nov 24: The Hatchet penned a really nasty story today suggesting we've failed at everything. Well, you know, we just agree to disagree. We're great.

1:00 PM Oct 27: The Hatchet writes, "Students flock to Unity Ball." That's how you know the $50,000 we dropped on it ($20,000 from the student fee) to put fraternities and sororities in the same room was worth it.

11:20 AM Oct 7: After some tough work, it's time for a 2-week break. We're so much more like the real Senate than you knew.

10:01 AM Oct 7: Gave student orgs $350,000 from the student fee account, 17 percent of the money they requested, and now they won't shut up. But what could they possibly want $2 million for?

12:47 PM Sept 5: Thought we'd go swimming today, so we turned our $700,000 budget into crisp $1 bills. Pool party!

2:31 PM Sept 1: Took ourselves very seriously today.

10:06 AM Aug 26: Going to the Nationals game!! It's going to be AWESOME because Vishal is paying!


Stephen Molldrem said...

Absolutely hilarious.

Farhan Daredia said...

You just made my day, no, my week.

Logan said...

Ahahaha. Well put.