Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GW, it's time to dump Sodexo.

So, listen, GW. It's time we had a talk. I've been hanging out with you for a while now, and things have been going pretty well. I like my classes, my professors, my internships, DC in general... but, um, there's a problem.

It's Sodexo.

I just hate to see Sodexo holding you back like this. You've got so much potential, you could be so great, if only you could get over Sodexo. Sodexo doesn't treat you right, and he definitely doesn't treat me right, and you know what? It's time to move on.

Slightly more seriously: Sodexo's management of J Street is a train wreck. unreasonably high by-weight prices at the cafe that make the pathetically few healthy options a splurge (fresh fruit: heavier than greasy/rubbery/unidentifiable crap that's been over a sterno for 7 hours), a meal plan that hands Sodexo a good chunk of cash every semester whether or not you can palate their food, and exactly zero hours on weekends (it's not that they think college students don't eat on weekends, it's just that, well, hey, when you've already got our money, why bother being convenient?). I could go on, but in the interest of avoiding any more unbearably run-on sentences, I won't. Suffice it to say: I've been doing some research (i.e. poking around on the internet for the last half hour), and hey, guess what, of the comparably sized colleges I've looked into, not a single one offers a dining hall not open on weekends. nor does a single one offer less than twice as many on-plan restaurant options.

Anyways, to the action plan. What can we do about it? Well, as is often the case, the same thing we do about genocide in Darfur and the tragedy of Pluto's demotion to "trans-neptunian object":

(A postscript: a similar, if more practically attainable, goal has already been discussed on this very blog last week.)

(A final postscript... yes, I know, ten-year contract signed in 2006. Whatever. Maybe if we start yelling about it now, in eight years GW will notice we're not happy about it.)

(A really seriously final postscript, for any typo-hounds: yeah, it's called Sodexo now. no more silent 'H'.)


Andrew Perez said...

Sodexo was at my high school too, I was extremely dismayed when I found out last year that Sodexo runs Jstreet as well.

AdamGreen said...

I ate a piece of Sodexo pizza last night. It was not pizza. It was travesty.