Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mismanagement at the SA

I don't think anyone is entirely surprised with the article that came out in the Hatchet this past week (Sorry that the link doesn't go directly to the will be updated when the Hatchet website starts working again). Needless to say, it is just another instance of Vishal and the rest of the SA financial committee being more or less incompetent coming to light.

It made me think back to the Unity Ball in the Fall semester. As the Hatchet reported then:
A semiformal ball this Saturday designed to celebrate diversity and Greek-letter life on campus will cost more than $50,000, with at least $20,000 coming from student fee allocations, according to Student Association documents and event planners.

$50,000! And $20,000 of that coming from the student activity an event that not everyone could attend and that those attending STILL had to pay $20 for. It seems a little messed up to me.

As an officer for the GW Ballroom team, I was disappointed when the team got only 50% of what we got last year in cosponsorships for our major fall competition in Ohio. But after hearing about the Unity Ball, and the way in which Vishal has managed to do almost nothing as SA President, I was livid.

I voted for Vishal last spring because he promised to fight for students, and promised that, because he wasn't interested in being a politician, he wasn't going to use the position as a resume builder. Well, apparently he isn't using the position for anything.

If you are interested in organizing to fight SA Funds Mismanagement, join the facebook group here.

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