Monday, February 23, 2009

Liveblogging the 2009 Hatchet Debate

Farhan and I are live blogging the 2009 Hatchet Debate. Feel free to join us in Jack Morton or via liveblog! Just press the arrow below to watch and chime in!


DFPyne said...

In response to the question “Can someone ask Dylan Pyne why he's been walking around dressed like an air freshener for the past few days?”

I have been walking around like an air freshener because my last name is Pyne (like Pine, punny, right?) and my candidacy makes scents (sense, again punny).

I am running so the senate has a “fresh” face and a "fresh" perspective. Even though I have SA experiences, being in the executive branch this year, if elected I would be a new member of the senate with new ideas.

Neha said...

If elected will give hand out SA air fresheners?