Sunday, February 15, 2009

Next Stop...Adams Morgan

Thanks to an anonymous tip, I have narrowed my efforts for a shuttle to local nightlife. Like other schools that have attempted to facilitate bar hopping students, I think GW should provide a shuttle running between Adams Morgan and campus. Even a minor fee for use would be cheaper than a $10 cab ride and would eliminate the mile-long walk from the metro required of students who refuse to cough up the cash.

Emory University understood the value of providing students with a shuttle to spots outside the range of public transportation.
“The goal is to show students places in Atlanta they might not otherwise be able to go,” College Council Vice President Elizabeth Farrar said. “We haven’t finished compiling a list of destinations [for this program], but we are open to student feedback. Ideally, we would like to expand the program to run shuttles every weekend.”
Northwestern University worked with a local bar to set up a student shuttle provided by the business. The 1800 Club transported students from campus to the bar; thereby, facilitating bar hopping and earning business.
I would love to hear more ideas from anyone interested in proposing such an intitiative to SA or the GW administration. THANKS!

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