Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take Your Vitamin C

On Thursday, the GW Hatchet reported that Student Health Services saw 30 cases of the flu just last week alone.

According to the article, SHS saw 40 cases of the flu during the entire month of February last year.

So, what gives?

SHS medical director Isabel Goldenberg said:
Only 1,500 students received an influenza vaccine at several locations sponsored by the SHS this year.
I doubt anyone is surprised with this data, considering everyone has a sick friend or is sick themselves. Just last week, one of my roommates was diagnosed with bronchitis, and another with bronchitis and sinusitis. I was treated for some unknown virus with an array of prescriptions, and am now only beginning to get better.

All I can say is: take care of yourselves. It might be too late to get a flu shoot, but that doesn't mean you can't keep your immune system in good shape throughout the rest of the winter season.

You can't avoid every virus, but you can try and fight sickness off by getting good sleep, eating healthy, washing your hands, etc.

And I don't really know if vitamin C and those emergency packs really work, but they do taste good.

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