Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let continue to 'green' GW

In the January 29th edition of the Hatchet, there was an article highlighting less energy used in residence halls across campus. One residence hall in particular, building JJ, located on F St. next door to Potomac Hall, has made great strides to lower its environmental footprint. 
The Green Living and Learning Community in Building JJ has been a leader in the challenge, reducing their electricity consumption by more than 50 percent. Other top electricity conserving halls were Guthridge, 2206 F Street and Francis Scott Key residence halls. "It's such great news," said Kelsey O'Boyle, a resident of Building JJ. "When we were planning this LLC, we didn't just plan it for us, we wanted to spread green living to the rest of the campus. In the past few years, GW has not been so green, but GW has been very cooperative recently." Building JJ features motion-sensor lights in the hallways, energy-efficient refrigerators, and low-flow toilets and showerheads.
So I propose that all dorms in GW follow the lead of Building JJ. It is essential to do our part to 'green' our campus and if students rally around this idea, that is not only cost-effective in the long run and does not require such a drastic change in lifestyle, the University will take notice. Step 1: Join this facebook group to show your support for the initiative. Step 2: talk to your freinds. Let the University know that we want motion sensor lights in the hallways as a first step. Step 3: coming soon. 

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