Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outside the Bubble

To everyone who was lured into a UW-20 class by its sexy name only to be disappointed:

I am not saying all UW-20 classes are a snooze. In fact, the class I took freshman year was fantastic! I would just like to suggest a class that will not only improve the writing skills of GW students, but will also enhance their college experience in D.C. The class produces a 25-30 page papers, after all.

I am proposing a class that would provide students with the opportunity to give back to the residents of D.C. and improve the relationship of the university with the community.

Assignments would include, but not be limited to:

-Interviews with local residents
-Work with locally oriented non-profits
-Study of local music/art/culture

Such assignments will no doubt lead students to involvement with fantastic local organizations, like M.O.M.I.E.'S TLC, a local non-profit that "nurtures the genius in children."

I am proposing a class that explores D.C. and ALL it's neighborhoods. The class would focus on a number of assignments leading up to a paper focused on an originial aspect of the city of interest to the student. There's so much to explore outside the federal enclave--join me in asking the university to dedicate a class to its exploration!

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