Sunday, February 8, 2009

I need a cheap ride to Madam's Organ!

4-Ride is a fantastic service, which is why I am wondering--could it's services be expanded?

I've often thought that I would use 4-ride much more often if its services reached further into the city--like to Adams Morgan. The tytpical cab ride, according to Taxi Fare Finder DC, is $10! And that's if you plan to tip the driver ONLY a buck.

While 4-ride is typically used by off-campus students to get home late at night, there are a number of other creative uses I've seen in my four years here at GW:

*Bringing home groceries
*Traveling with luggage
*Assistance with late night walking to and from local bars

While I personally have never felt the need to use 4-ride (except once when the people I was going out with refused to walk), I recognize its value and potential.

What if a few stops were designated off campus? For example, Adams Morgan, The U-Street Corridor, and Chinatown. Students could purchase a pass at the beginning of the year, or pay 4-ride drivers per trip for service into the city.

The school would make money, students would get a discounted fare, and trips into the city would be safer for students.

The Arkansas Traveler reported that the University of Arkansas recognized the need for off campus service and utilized a similar plan to the one outlined above.

"We found that 25 percent of the people getting picked up were going to campus," said Tammy Lippert, a member of the SR committee. Lippert said the fixed bus route will allow Safe Ride vans to make more off-campus stops. The bus route and the extra vans available for off-campus transport will make the program more efficient, she said.

No more fear of being taken advantage of by cab drivers familiar with the late night college crowd. And no more walking a mile in the dark to the Adams Morgan metro at 2 a.m.

Leave me a comment below regarding what you think!


Anonymous said...

"Students could purchase a pass at the beginning of the year, or pay 4-ride drivers per trip for service into the city." - That's what cabs are for

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been to Adams Morgan or the U Street corridor on a Friday/Saturday night, you'd know that traffic is terrible. Having 4-Ride vans tied up in traffic all night would be pretty annoying for people trying to use the service around campus.

I live in Columbia Heights and say, "Leave 4-Ride for the students actually on/near campus."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a dedicated GWU-Adams Morgan shuttle on Friday and Saturday night?

KFunk said...

Thank you all for your comments and advice, they will definitely help me in pursuing this further:

Anonymous one: Yes, that's what cabs are for. In my post, however, I mentioned that cabs are expensive and sometimes not as safe as 4-Ride. I'm proposing a cheaper option run by the school.

Anonymous 2: Your point is a very good one! I actually thought of this as well. But figured if there was one service dedicated to Adams Morgan with support by students' monetary contributions it might be more economic. Students who take a cab will still have to sit in traffic. I'm not trying to decrease traffic time, just cost.

Anonymous 3: This is a great idea. Better I think than sending 4-ride vans to multiple locations. Thanks for the contribution!