Tuesday, February 3, 2009


SIGN PETITIONS TOMORROW! 5-7PM OUTSIDE OF J-Street! I'll be sitting at a table and you'll be able to sign an official petition trying to get Chipotle/Qdoba in J Street!

FILL THE COMMENT BOXES TOMORROW! All day there will be comment boxes placed on The Vern, Columbia Square, and at J-Street! PLEASE FILL THEM OUT! Say how you want Chipotle/Qdoba to be in J Street and express your opinions about GW's dining plans like how J Street should be opened on the weekends and should have later hours, and how we don't have an all you can eat plan like many other universities!

If we all participate tomorrow then when we give the petition and the comments to GW Admin they'll realize how we need to change GW's dining programs!


Actually I Hate Burritos said...

Something else to consider in this move: apparently, Chipotle is a good place to get a date. Would its romantic rep remain if it made the move to J Street? Science demands that this happen.

Richard Pawlowski said...

I am the owner of Qdoba in DC, please let me know how I can help get Qdoba into GWU. I promise that we'll do half price Mondays, free sodas with each entree everyday and accept the GW meal card. Thanks, Richard@capitolq.com p.s. if you show your student ID at our Georgetown or U of MD stores you'll get the same deal as the Georgetown and U of MD students.

Anonymous said...

Are you all really paying 3 grand in tuition for a class to learn how to make Facebook groups...?

Zahin said...

I noticed that too Anonymous. Pretty much every post on the front page has a, "Join the Facebook group and show your support!" somewhere in it.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for all the recent entries ...are you that naive/imbecile enough to think that a facebook group will solve the issues you are discussing? After every entry I read, there's some new group that I am prompted to join. Please! I'm sure that the 7 or so members of a facebook group can affect the freaking fiscal situation of GW. Get over it!...stop wasting your time making groups that give a false sense of something "getting done." I like the blog and hearing some of the students' concerns but at the end of every article I dismiss everything I've read once I see the new, awesome, improved facebook group that is about to solve all of our problems (sarcasm anyone).

Anonymous said...

I wish to join the rousing chorus of voices: SMPA needs to seriously reconsider "Professor" Green and the academic rigor of its curricular program.

These students, and GW, are a disservice to any intellectual commitment by the University and are a complete waste of money. Who is overseeing this class? Who approved a class focusing on authoring blogposts and Facebook groups as a means of political activism?

If this blog were transparent, you'd see some answers to these hard questions.

Anonymous said...

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