Sunday, February 1, 2009

GW Getting Left Behind on the Technology Front

In my last post, I argued that it's time for GW to jumpstart it's plans to start recording classroom lectures at GW.

The fact is that there are numerous reasons why classroom lectures should be recorded.
  • students can re-listen to parts of lectures where professors explained the night's homework assignment
  • students can listen to lectures that they have missed, maybe they were sick or had an extracurricular activity that precluded them from attending class
  • students can use the recording to review before exams
  • students can re-listen to lectures to further their understanding of the material and notice key connections that they may have missed
  • non-native english speaking students can re-listen to lectures
  • faculty members can listen to their own lectures, and those of their colleagues, to improve their teaching
If you agree that classroom lectures at GW should be recorded, click here to join the facebook group.

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