Saturday, March 29, 2008

Code Pink @ 1957 E St (updated)

As has been covered extensively on this blog (including a call to protest), Karl Rove visited GW on Friday at the invitation of GW's Yong America chapter. Students were poised to protest but apparently ended up having better things to do Friday evening (or choose to do so inside). Code Pink on the other hand was there and made quite a ruckus outside 1957 E St., where the event was held. Here are two videos I took:

Also had a strange run in with "Karl"... I stopped filming when he stood 4 feet away and just stared at me...

There were over a dozen UPD and MPD officers outside to keep an eye on the protesters. It appears GW students have become accustom to such events and take it in stride. Note the student in the bottom left of this picture just sitting and reading a newspaper -- sitting between the cops and Code Pink that is.

UPDATED: Fixed typos, added clarification about lack of protesters outside.

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