Sunday, March 30, 2008

Karl Rove: "My tail and horns are retractable."

I'm not sure if David actually got a chance to watch Karl Rove speak since he was busy capturing some excellent footage of CodePink outside, but I caught most of the speech on CSPAN.

There were really two highlights to the event. First, four students took Alex's advice and brought in a HUGE sign reading "WAR CRIMINAL" (seriously, how did you guys sneak that in?). Next, someone actually asked Karl Rove why people think he's a "fundamentally bad human being." To which, Rove replied:
"First of all, the tail and the horns are retractable...Look: I'm a myth! I mean, I'm like Grendel of Beowulf; I'm not often seen but people talk about me a lot. I don't know."
Thanks to Think Progress for the video.

Some things went unreported, however:
  • Kyle Bowyer, SA VP-elect was there.
  • I'm fairly sure someone yelled "Fuck you Karl Rove!", but everyone around me was laughing so I couldn't hear the response, but Mr. Rove said something quasi-witty because his "followers" laughed at his retort (can anyone confirm this?).
  • He outright said that Bush didn't mislead Americans about the war
  • He said that since Billary and Ted Kennedy said at some point Saddam was dangerous, it's a lie for Obama to say the war was a bad idea.
  • The first half was about how bad Clinton vs. Obama is for Democrats and that they'll lose in November because of it.
  • He tried to call out Barack on not being a professor at U. of Chicago, which is dumb, because the school published this press release stating he, in fact, was. People there bought it.
  • The party I was at lost interest during the Q&A section so I didn't hear this first hand, but later a friend told me a student asked Rove if he still thought John McCain had an illegitimate black child in South Carolina to which Rove said "That wasn't me." (here's a Boston Globe article that reports otherwise).
  • I realized that only at GW would students spend a Friday night caring about Karl Rove in any way, shape, or form.
I really encourage people to make this video a posted item on Facebook to share with your friends at GW and other schools. Let's see if we can get it to 5,000 views!


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