Monday, March 24, 2008

Petition: Stand Against Puppy-Killing Soldiers

Recently, a video clip surfaced of a US soldier and his buddy throwing an innocent puppy off a cliff in what looks like Iraq. You're there to defend America and bring freedom, not needlessly kill animals!

Join over 11,000 others who have signed the petition!

US Soldier throws puppy off cliff

Tell the US Military to take action against US soldiers abusing animals in Iraq. This is not an isolated incident. Actions like these hurt America's moral standing in the world and only distract from bringing our brave men and women home from the war.

Throw the book at these guys! Sign the petition here!


Anonymous said...

That video is a HOAX!!!

Anonymous said...

Your link does not come to the conclusion that it is a hoax.

James O'Malley said...

From the link you just sent:
The skeptics are suggesting that the puppy was already dead, and that the sounds of it yelping were dubbed in. But I think this is a case of being overly skeptical. That puppy looks alive to me. It's not making any noise initially because it's being held by the scruff of its neck. If you scruff a cat or dog it's going to become very quiet and submissive. It's an instinctive behavior."

Also, its status on the Museum of Hoaxes is "Real", which would hardly bring me to the conclusion that it's a hoax.