Friday, March 21, 2008

Hillary loves her some GW

So Hil has been to GW twice within a month. Have you seen the admissions brochures? (I have – I work in admissions!) Well Hillary’s on the cover of what all of our visitors see. And Monday morning, while in Marvin talking to prospective students and their parents, one asks, “What’s going on over there?” “Oh, Hillary Clinton is here. You know, as usual!”

I’m pretty sure Hil is a big fan of GW. Here she is on February 25th at Lisner:

Thank goodness for YouTube or I would have missed this. I haven’t been keeping up with Ellen lately but I wonder who she is endorsing. She also rocked out with Barack last October:

It’s great that Ellen and talk show hosts can have a little fun with candidates. And it’s great that GW students can be there to watch. If you’re curious about who Ellen is endorsing, ask her on her website.

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