Friday, March 21, 2008

Rove to Speak at GW, Hilarity to Ensue

According to the Hatchet Karl Rove is coming to speak at GW.

This rules.

My friends attending the University of Iowa saw him a few weeks ago and said it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen. From student loudly screaming "YOUVE GOT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS" to half the audience turning their chairs around when he came out to the myriad questioners who (according to my friend Dave who I cannot link here. Actually yes I can (that right there is called journalistic integrity) would just "shout out personal attacks but then end them with a question mark to get the mic".

Seriously, try to hear the questions or the answers over the patently hilarious audience members (or just click on any moment. I promise every second of this video is GOLD).

Let this be my call to action GW students. Let us do this. Learn to scream LIAR, understand how to be escorted out by the police, practice your raucous clapping, learn synonyms for treason... We too can do this. We too can be totally uproarious on youtube.

Point is our old friend Sergio Gor is again giving us all something to write about and to join together in our communal appreciation of LOLs. Dont let him down.

March 28, 7 PM

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