Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Things I Find Hilarious

This is a really short blog because I just read the Hatchet and it made me happy.

Number one, after James' post on the CVS it was nice to see that the Hatchet made it a front page story when the news finally came out that it would be in fact a CVS. Good work James on doing some reporting for the Hatchet involuntarily.

Second, I was reading about the article on the new editor Eric Roper and the FIRST sentence states,
Conducting a readership survey is one of the first goals Eric Roper hopes to accomplish when he takes over as The Hatchet's editor in chief in May.
HMMMMM??? Do you think maybe this blog is putting a bit of pressure on those at the Hatchet to actually talk to students??? WHAT? Asking students their opinion...that's just crazy! Thank You to the Hatchet for following GW BlogSpots lead in being more responsive to the STUDENT!


Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out why you keep giving credit to James for news about CVS? In every post your blog has had about the CVS issue you have linked to a Hatchet story. How can you say one of your commentators broke news or caused the Hatchet to report when they are simply linking to Hatchet stories or blog posts that preceded your post?

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time the Hatchet has surveyed readers and your blog had zero impact on any proposed future surveys.

BasilQHJ said...

Why does the Hatchet hate this blog so much? Why not work with the blog?