Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WAIT...There is drinking at COLLEGE???

I should probably change my user name after this because I swear people are going to hate me on this, but after reading the recent Hatchet Editorial on GW having to enforce alcohol awareness classes for students I just could NOT resist.

EMeRG is a very good institution on our campus and I applaud the work they do. I had a roommate who was in EMeRG and it is taken very seriously and there is an incredible amount of responsibility and learning that goes on. HOWEVER, I do believe students on campus get EMeRGed when they do not have to be, which in my opinion is why the numbers have gone up so high.
Over the 2007-2008 academic year thus far, 218 students have be taken by EMeRG to the hospital - and the year is far from over. Compare that to 201 students for the 2006-2007 year and 168 the year prior. "
Not once or three times, but AT LEAST five times I have seen a perfectly able student walking into their dorm in HOVA and being stopped by Emerg for no reason. When she admitted she had been drinking they took this person to the hospital. One of my friends had to start a facebook group because one night after he fell asleep in his bed, someone called EMeRG on him for no legitimate reason, and my all time favorite was when a friend walked across 23rd and instead of waiting for the light because no cars were out she did the little zigzag movement and was stopped by EMeRG!

Alright, I agree once in a while drunk people are annoying and loud on the street. Every so often I cringe when there is throw up in the elevators, but it does get promptly cleaned up by the lovely cleaning staff we have here at GW. BELIEVE ME go to a State school or a school that has been declared a "party school" where there are tens of thousands of students with FOOTBALL teams and cookouts. Then after you experience that, which is awesome by the way, come back to me, and let me know if you think GW has a problem because 218 out of about 8,000 were EMeRGed.

Lets not spend our tuition on teaching students how to drink responsibly, I like to think that's what parents are for, and this is college, people are BOUND to slip-up.

Here is an idea. I'd like to call to action not wasting time in a class where nobody is going to listen, but if a student gets EMeRGed more than once (because of that first slip-up I mentioned earlier) their parents get a nice little phone call. Because lets be honest I am WAY more frightened of my mother than I am of this University!

DISCLAIMER: GW Blog Spot does not support or encourage under age drinking...Also, the picture is from NC State Football Game...WOLFPACK!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clarify something...people who get stopped for suspected over-consumption don't get "stopped by EMeRG." EMeRG does not patrol- they are only dispatched in response to 911 or 4-6111 calls, or after being requested by UPD officers. If somebody you know got EMeRGed for what you feel is no good reason, chances are they were actually acting goofy enough for UPD officer or bystander to believe that they needed a medical evaluation.