Sunday, March 9, 2008

Study Abroad’s Secret Weapon: Happy Dust.

In reference to the fact that GW charges full tuition for study abroad programs that may cost less than half that tuition here, a Hatchet article asks:
"Is this policy the best way to realize those benefits?”
First of all, I’d like to thank the Hatchet for addressing this issue. Most of the abroad programs have a lower price tag than THE George Washington University. While you do get to keep your financial aid package, you’re just pouring more money into the endless GW money pocket.

Here’s my issue: Of the $20,000 that GW profited off my study abroad experience, they could have paid my $1100 plane ticket! Or they could actually train the girls that advise in the study abroad office to know how to, oh, advise!!! They sprinkle a magic fairy dust on you with the pictures and the little blurbs that make study abroad seem better than sliced bread! And they sprinkle it and sprinkle it until the effect wears off and they don’t know how to handle you after.

I’ll tell you what goes on behind those poorly painted walls over on 20th street! Coercion, persuasion, and deceit. “Oh, you should go for the whole year. It’s really popular these days.” LIES. No support, no contact, no answers. Emailing them in a frenzy while abroad about housing and registration and program fees and dates and requirements…. Did I get answers? Yea like “I don’t know,” “We’ll get back to you,” “Refer to the program’s website,” and “I’m resigning, please contact someone else.”

GW, give the school with the highest tuition, the highest quality study abroad process! Give my extra tuition to them. Just mine; just my $20,000. Give them a seminar with a bad Safeway party platter. I know it’s not my (dad’s) money anymore, but please give it a try. If not study abroad, how about a rebate check for each student? I know you’re laughing, just thought I’d ask.

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