Friday, March 28, 2008

Not at GW, but close enough

Also see Chels: Protecting Mama

So Hillary has been at GW twice in a month. On Wednesday evening, Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton were technically off-campus at the DAR Constitution Hall (two blocks away from GW). I got a flyer on campus a few hours before and decided to go. I went alone because none of my friends support or even respect Senator Clinton. It’s unfortunate that I have to hide my support of a candidate who I feel represents me and fights for the issues I care about on the most politically active campus in the country.

Behind Hillary on stage, were several GW students; most from the GW college democrats.
“I like to think I’m my mother’s most enthusiastic supporter, but there might be a few rivals in the crowd tonight.”
I felt moved watching Chelsea Clinton speak so admirably about her mother. I knew Chelsea was smart but she showed by the way she articulated herself and held the crowd, how much she has matured over the last decade.

Do you think that Chelsea has been an effective campaign tool or do you think she really is being “pimped?”

I don’t know if it’s just me but I want Hillary back again. Contact President Knapp (202) 994-6500 and, or the College Democrats to request Hillary as a future guest. Or even commencement speaker.

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