Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tired of Amtrak stealing your money???

I had a hard week last week, and on Thursday night I decided I wanted to get out of DC for the weekend and go home to southeast PA. No problem, except that by the time I get back to DC Sunday night I'll have spent $130+ on transportation.

Amtrak is easy and fast, but not cheap. Every GW student who lives up the I-95 corrider knows this. It is also well known that a variety of 'China town' busses can get you to Philly and NYC for cheap, but at the mercy of beltway-megalopolis traffic.

Thankfully, (originally saw it at wonkette) recently highlighted an alternative: BoltBus. While it doesn't solve the traffic problem, it does solve the problem associated with sitting on a bus for four hours: boredom. And how does it do this? FREE WIFI!!!

Taking the bus instead of the train would make my commute a bit longer and a little less convenient, but with Wifi at least I could spend my time aimlessly surfing the web (or doing my blog posts on time, instead of waiting until I have my 3-month-old nephew throwing up on my shoulder).

And did I mention you can get a ticket for a dollar? And win an iPhone?

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